iTunes for journalism from Holland launches tomorrow

Thought this might interest you. Tomorrow we’re launching Blendle: the first iTunes for journalism in the world. All publishers in the country join forces with us (27 year old founders and ex-journalists).

Launch page

Explainer video in English
Explainer video in Dutch
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The goal
To turn young people in paying customers for journalism. Just as iTunes and Spotify did for music, and Netflix did for movies.

How does it work?
Within Blendle, users can see what articles their friends or interesting curators (celebrities, journalists, politicians, radio DJ’s) have shared from the paid sections of today’s newspapers and magazines, and which articles are trending on the platform. The app also enables anyone to share articles from Holland’s best journalists on Facebook and Twitter. No more signing up with different paywalls for every newspaper. Users pay with a single click, and only for the articles they read. New users get €2.50 for free, and can then top up their Blendle wallet.

Users can use Blendle as one search engine for all paid content from all the big newspapers and magazines. Also, when wants to follow everything about specific subjects — say, the situation in Crimea, or bitcoins, or their favorite author — they can set email alerts for those words.

Users always pay a price per article (set by the publisher), but are also able to refund their money if they don’t deem the article worthy after reading it (a fair use policy applies). The latter function greatly increased the amount of money spent on journalism in the beta.

– More than 17.000 registrations during the private beta (an extreme number for a startup of our size in a small country)
– 71% of the users is under 40 years old. An age group that is very difficult to reach for publishers world wide
– A little more than half of the sessions are from a PC or laptop. The rest are mobile devices.

Interesting people at the launch in Amsterdam:
– Editors in chief from AD, NRC, Groene Amsterdammer and Parool newspapers
– Editor in chief of Hollands biggest free news site
– CEO of De Persgroep (one of the two biggest publishers)
– A number of university professors

Screenshots and logo to download

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